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          DC Dynamic Solution Co., Ltd. was established in the year 2008. Since the founding of the company, we have been living our mission statement, which is to be a leading and reliable consulting firm which helps business enterprises make optimal business decisions by implementing mission critical solutions to drive efficient and effective business processes. We believe that the effective deployment of technology is a strong leverage to move enterprises towards the goal of competitiveness and profitability. At DC, we provide fully integrated solutions based on Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). DC specializes in delivering proven supply chain management, manufacturing distribution, customer relationship management, field service, financial management, project management solutions (Job) on Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as open source alternatives.

          These wide-ranging services combined with Microsoft products from application development and training to business process elevation makes DC the best in the business today. Our aim is to meet the client’s business targets and offer a low total cost of ownership.


We are Lead of Dynamic Solution to increasing Quality of business with Microsoft Dynamic NAV
We have been serving with integrity, transparency and low cost with efficiency.


We are committed to continuous improvement our consult skills to meet the business effectively with a team of professional

Why you should choose DC company


We are committed to service impress Increase
confidencein the DC Solution And DC customers
To grow by leaps and bounds together.


Raise efficiency in the management of resources
and personnel to the maximum. For the sake of
market competition. And The company’s growth leap.


DC is a source of learning. Learn more and invent
new Solution To meet customers’ business and
consulting services for the best.


Increase productivity of all the work up front.
The reduction process  Easy to use and quick
To reduce costs, time to work. Take maximum benefit.


Improve the quality of work to be fast. Accurate
and the information that is required to meet the
senior management when required.


DC will reduce the cost of doing that is maintaining the
quality of service and reduce the cost of customization
options that are available for immediate use.